Sts. Zelie & Louis Print


This is a 5x7 print from artist Leanne Bowen. 

Here's what she says about this piece: 

"Saints Louis and Zelie Martin both desired so deeply to be religious. Louis wanted to be a monk but was unable to learn Latin. Zelie desired deeply to be a religious sister but had health complications that kept her from the convent. They found Christ vividly in the presence of each other, and eventually pursued marriage. But they were religious still at heart and didn’t consummate their marriage for ten months. They did so eventually only by the encouragement of a spiritual director. They had nine children, but only five of them lived to adulthood. All five of them became religious sisters. Their daughter Therese, was even canonized. Zelie and Louis faced tremendous difficulty. They were turned away from their desired vocations and experienced the loss of four children. Then Louis experienced the loss of his own wife. Yet they ached for closeness with our Lord and always sought it. They instilled virtue in the hearts of their daughters and stayed so close to the Lord. Louis even did so for generations after his wife passed away. What are the difficulties that are in your life today? Do you feel rejected from the vocation placed on your heart? Are you facing illness or loss? Do you feel empty or far from God? I pray that Louis and Zelie may be companions to you today. That they may assist you in courageously chasing after the Lord anyway. May Jesus astound you by His closeness to you today! Because He truly loves you and has a magnificent plan for your life! Saints Louis and Zelie, who were so fervent as parents, pray for us."