"Catholicism is indeed the religion of stuff." 

History of the Church in 100 Objects, Mike & Grace Aquilina 

My husband and I read this book and were instantly struck by the truth of the thesis; for over a thousand years, the faithful have experienced Catholicism through objects. From an ordinary rosary to the artistic masterpiece of the Sistine Chapel, the beauty of God is made manifest through the work of the hands of humanity, God's greatest creation. 

Pillar & Pearl aims to revive the importance of matter in the Catholic Church, and also of celebration. Through carefully curated gift boxes, we hope to help restore traditional Catholic culture and bring holy objects back into the home and into the daily lives of the faithful. Each item in the boxes is sourced from Catholic companies or independent Catholic artists who are joyfully united in the common mission of glorifying God through holy art and bringing about a new Christendom. The boxes are thoughtfully curated to encourage the proper celebration of sacraments, of feast days, of saintly devotions, and of the beauty of traditional Catholicism. 

The introduction of the book continues, "God makes himself known and accessible through material things, always accommodating himself to our condition. It is, after all, the condition he created for us - spiritual and material - and the condition he assumed for our salvation." Pillar & Pearl hopes to restore the visual tradition of Catholicism through the distribution of holy goods that point our eyes and hearts toward heaven. 

When you purchase a gift box from Pillar & Pearl, not only are you providing a faith-filled gift to someone you love, but you are supporting a community of Catholic makers who are living examples of Christian holiness, piety, and love. We are so grateful to our contributors, our customers, and everyone who helps us in our mission to spread the good news of Catholicism worldwide!