Hi there! I'm Emily, the founder and owner of Pillar & Pearl. I'm a cradle Catholic, but I'm married to a convert, and I was inspired to start this company by his zealous curiosity about all things related to the Catholic faith (plus, it was his idea!). I wanted to renew my own faith and refocus my family's spiritual life, to share Catholicism with others, and to support the blossoming community of Catholic creators. 

I live in Northern Virginia with my high school sweetheart, and now husband, Jake, and our two children. Ezra is two, and Miriam is one, and my first vocation is as a stay-at-home mom to them! I spend my days playing with trucks, reading books, going on walks, and working on my company while my littles sleep. Besides motherhood, I never thought I had a passion until this company was created. I absolutely love discovering amazing Catholic creators and uniting their products in beautiful, cohesive boxes. 

Besides my family and my business, my other loves include ice cream with almonds, to do lists, long sweaters and baseball caps, and Washington sports. 

It wouldn't be a complete introduction to the team behind Pillar & Pearl if I didn't introduce my family: 


Jake is a software engineer by day and an enthusiast of theology and philosophy by night. Everything he does is aimed at helping our family grow in the Catholic Church, and he is forever my rational rock and voice of reason as we navigate raising a family and growing a Catholic business in a secular world (and we're only 24!). 

Ezra and Miriam are my absolute joys and inspiration. Ezra loves all things vehicles, donuts, and being outside, but he thrives in quiet pastimes and is already a deep thinker at two years old. Miriam's favorite things include Ezra, and any other people she meets; she is friendly and sweet and looks just like her mama! On any given day, you can find them testing out Pillar & Pearl kids' products and typing on my computer when I'm not looking. 

Thank you for supporting our business, our family, and the Catholic Church! All glory and honor to God!