The Holy Home Collection Explained

This week, we released a new series of boxes for Pillar & Pearl, called the Holy Home Collection. We were inspired by our families, our own love of home, and most of all by YOU to create this collection for anyone looking to bring Christ into their house in a tangible way. 

Our goal for this collection was to create beautiful gifts that provides a few essentials for dedicating a house, or at least part of a house, to the Lord. We sourced products from Catholic makers that serve to elevate a living space from a place of work, chaos, leisure, and practical life to a place where things are learned, relationships built, children raised, and most importantly where a family grows closer to God together. We purposefully and carefully picked items that are both decorative and meaningful in hopes that the receiver will find a balance between a visually appealing but heavenly-focused home.

You see, we’ve often heard said that we should be in the world but not of the world. In regards to home, this is the place where we are, physically, most often in the world, so how can we make sure that this place isn’t tethering us to this world but rather helping us reach beyond? And, the answer, we believe, is by dedicating the space - its people and its things - to God. In this way, we can take a place from a house where life is lived to a home where eternal life is gained.

In seeking to create a beautiful home, it’s easy enough to shop the trends - a few trips to Home Goods and a coat of paint can make a space magazine worthy. But, to make this space holy? Start with a home blessing. And continue by incorporating a few holy pieces that visually bring the Lord into your home.

Now, before I get ahead of myself about the stuff, let me be clear: the most important things that make a home holy and sacred are the people who live there. The warmth with which one opens the door, the charity shown toward others, the generosity and sacrifice that are exchanged within the walls...those are the intangible things that are somehow instantly apparent in the homes of people who are trying to live their lives for God.

That being said, stuff is important. To Catholics, especially! If you’ve ever read the “about us” section of our website, you’ll see that we were inspired to start Pillar & Pearl by the book A History of the Church in 100 Objects. This book explains why material things are so important to Catholics - “We’re not just about spiritual life. We’re about the whole person. So matter matters, too. To an amazing degree, matter makes the Fatih as we live it day to day.”

Even though, personally, our style is minimalistic, my husband and I were further inspired when we read this same idea in Theology of Home, when Carrie, Noelle, and Megan introduce the notion that, because we as humans are embodied souls, we NEED material things to find balance between the two: the spiritual and the physical. The needs of our souls and our bodies must both be met for true flourishing!

Stuff can just be stuff, but if selected and utilized appropriately, it can be so much more. And, that’s exactly what we aim to include in the curated boxes of our Holy Home Collection - stuff that is more than stuff. Items that might seem mundane or everyday - a candle, a journal, a print in a frame - but that have been designed to have a higher, eternal purpose that will slowly take your house, piece by piece, from a place of living to a place of thriving in God’s grace.

So, we'd be honored for you to take a peek at our new collection here. Give these boxes as a gift or buy them for yourself, but join us as we attempt to orient our earthly homes toward our heavenly one. 

May 29, 2020 — Emily Tate

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