A New Season

Happy Lent! If you have been following Pillar & Pearl, you may have noticed we’ve been a bit absent from the social media world for a while. I thought I would kick off the first personal blog for our baby biz with an explanation as to where we’ve been for the past month or so and what the future holds for us. It’s perfectly timed with this wonderfully solemn, rainy day that ushers us into a new season in the Church. 

Our little family is entering a new season, too, because we have moved! For the past three years, we have lived in a two level condo in Manassas, Virginia. It was small and had the worst parking ever, but we made lots of happy memories there. It was our first home as a family of three, and then of four, as we welcomed both our children, Ezra and Miriam, into our lives there. Now, Ez is two and half, and Mimi is sixteen months, and we are OVERJOYED to have been able to purchase our first single family home - a little brick fixer upper in Gainesville, Virginia with a great big yard for our children to roam and grow. We have spent the last few weeks packing, purging, and cleaning, and we just got settled into our new home this past weekend. As you can imagine, moving with two toddlers is nothing short of chaotic, so prayers are greatly appreciated as we try to make this new house a home for our family! 

When we started Pillar & Pearl, we took a great leap of faith and totally trusted God on the timing of this new venture. Although we don’t at all regret starting our company when we did, it was obviously tricky moving a business along with a household. With limited access to our computer, inventory, and supplies, you can understand why you haven’t heard much from us in a few weeks. But, as we unpack boxes, we are gearing up for a new season of growth for Pillar & Pearl! This new house offers a lovely office space for our company to grow, and we are SO excited for what the year has in store for us. We plan to offer lots of new boxes, collaborate with new (& old!) AMAZING contributors, and continue to spread the good news of Catholicism through faith-filled gifts. 

Which is why, this year, I’m doing something a little unconventional for Lent. I plan to be on social media MORE. Let me explain. Most people give up social media for Lent as a way to detach from the world and get rid of some of the distractions and occasions of sin that are often associated with spending too much time scrolling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m giving up my personal Facebook, too. I am totally guilty of mindlessly perusing my news feed, and I hope to spend that time doing something more useful during Lent! However, the reason I hope to be on social media, particularly Instagram and our website, more this Lent is that I have gotten complacent with sharing and promoting and growing our new business out of fear. I have long contemplated starting to write blogs, and I have a constant stream of ideas for business growth, but I always manage to find an excuse. 

No more! This Lent, my goal is to share every day on our social media, about our boxes, our company, our family, and our faith. We are so passionate about our mission - it has brought us closer as a family and has started to create the most wonderful little community that we feel so blessed to be a part of. We have been blown away by how the Pillar & Pearl family is growing, and we feel so confident that we are experiencing the start of something great. So, if you see me around social media during these next forty days, say hey! We are so excited about the things to come. 

Praying for all of you this Lenten season! 

- Emily


February 27, 2020 — Emily Tate

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